Touchless Mouse User Instruction

1. Each entry hole is a touchless-button that is triggered when a finger tip or a stick is several millimeters above or right on the hole. Move the finger up or away to release it.
2. 3 button entries on the left side of upper panel work as the mouse's left, middle, and right buttons.
3. 2 entries on the right side of upper panel work as the scrolling wheel of a mouse.
4. The rings on the lower panel move the cursor at the direction of the arrow heads. Outer ring entries move the cursor fast, inner ring slow, center entry stops cursor movement.

Moving the cursor with this module is similar to using the arrow keys of a keyboard. First pressing the outer entry of diagonal directions to move the cursor to a horizontal or a vertical direction in line of the intended destination. Then use the horizontal or vertical movement entries to move the cursor to the destination point. If you missed the target, use the inner circle entries to fine tune the cursor positions. Inner circle entries are slow enough to control the cursor movement by just one pixel.

For drag-and-drop operations, put a finger of another hand, a coin, or the corner of a piece of paper on the hole for the Left Mouse Button to keep it depressed, then use the ring entries to move the object to the target location.

This module works best in florescent lighting environment. If there is a strong Infrared source in the room, such as sunshine, candescent light, or a candle, a shade may be needed for the module to perform stably. In most situations when a strong source Infrared source is present, place touchless mouse on your lap or hold it in hand will work as your body provides a good shade.