About Us

LightIO is the pioneer and leader in the touchless computing space. LightIO has created the concept of "Touchless Computing" and invented various touchless technologies and, also brought a few types of devices to the market place.

Our Vision

We believe that work with computers should not be harmful to people's health. Instead, various tecnologies can be developed not only to avoid pains and injuries from using computers, but also to improve the health conditions of the users while elevating the productivity for all, including those debilitatd somehow.

Our vision is to build future work spaces and facilities that, after a day of work, a person can feel rejuvenated like after a light exercise, with the joints, the eyes, and the lower backs like been through some kind of theraputic processes to regain their healhy conditions, and have enough energy to pursue other activities, rather than being tired and even stressed to injury as is the situation today.

To reach this goal, we need to invent and develop many new devices, tools, and facilties to change the way of work. Touchless technology is just the first step towards this goal. We are develoing New ideas, technologies, and products to realize this vision.

Our Mission

LightIO is commited to develop technologies and products that not only to solve the problem of work related pain and injuries while enhancing the productivity, but also to transform the ways of work to some kind of healthy exercises so that our vision can be eventually realized.

Besides expanding current touchless technology to more areas, some new pointing and eyesight stress prevention technologies are under R&D.

Our Values

Honesty and Truth Seeking
We believe in pursuing truth, especially the scientific truth involved, and honesty so that what we do and provide can be really helpful in the world of reality to accomplish what we want to achieve. Pursuing scientific truth is our ultimate guide and standard.

What we are doing is hard. What we want to achieve is high and far away. We can only stay in the course by doing what's considered honorabe.

We practise what is considered fair play in the market place. By beng fair, we can stay free from various pressures and infuences, from greed and temptations. This seems to be very important for us to maintain a free and independent mentality to focus on our goals.

Our History

LightIO was started by Mr. Yong Yan in Silicon Valley California in 2001 with the idea of using optical technology to remove the pain and injuries from operating computers.

Over the years, the effort was never stopped. A few devices have been developed and brought into market place. And the technology has elvoved from using a light pen, to reflective infrared sensors, to infrared light frames, to current computer vision technology.

All of our products have been granted patents from both CNIPA and USPTO.

LightIO's first set of products, pen-light operated keyboard and starfish pointer, were market failures, not selling at all.

Infrared based touchless mini-keyboard began selling in 2007. The touchless mouse started selling in 2010.

Touchless pad mouse started selling in 2012. So was the Mid-sized infrared touchless keyboard.

A patent granted to Yong Yan defined the new concept of Touchless Computing based on computer vision technology.

Smart-camera touchless keyboard started selling in 2020. This signal the begining of a new era - Touchless Computing with our Smart Srface Technology.