Touchless Clicking, No More Click Force and Pain On Fingers, No More Squeezing Pressure on Wrists either!

Frees your fingers from the pain of clicking for inproved performance and productivity with this best mouse for hands with arthritis and RepetitiveStrain Injuries (RSIs), tendonitis, bursitis, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbows, frozen shoulders, shoulder and neck pain.
  1. Dimensions(cm): 9.4 x 11.2 x 0.9;
  2. Weight: 90 grams
  3. Standard USB connecion.

Price: $19.99 30-day money back guarantee

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This device is priced for clearance sale. A new pointing device is in R&D phase and maybe available in a few years.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Touchless Buttons, avoid hitting and hurting on fingers
  2. Reduce stress and pressure on wrists and shoulders
  3. Light weight, adaptable to comfortable postures
  4. operable with stylus for more freedom and comfort
  5. Double Click Button, reduce finger movement
  6. Touchless Scrolling Button, reduce finger stress
  7. Plug and play, no software install

How does this Mouse protects your fingers?

        This device is invented to protect your fingers, wrist, and shoulder from pain and injuries caused by pointing and clicking activities. It is carefully designed to remove all the known causes of pain and injuries for frequent mouse users. It's especially helpful to the hands and arms with arthrities or injuries such RSI.

7 Touchless Buttons to avoid forces and strain on fingers.

With 7 touchless buttons, it eliminates the discomfort of your fingers from clicking and scrolling. To press down a touchless button, you place your finger within 0 to 5 millimeters above the sensor area of about a 5 mm square to trigger the sensor. You release a touchless button by moving your finger up or away from the sensor area.

You can make a double click by triggering the 2-click sensor only once to reduce the action of your finger. You can also scroll a window up or down by using the Up or Down touchless buttons without the bending your finger or touch anything. The lock button lets you to do drag and drop without straining your hand.